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Stanford University Quarterback Andrew Luck, the first pick in tonight’s NFL draft who has been chosen by the Indianapolis Colts, talks about joining the team when he makes his first visit to the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, Thursday, April 26.


“Now listen to me,” Letterman said. “Did you ever think that maybe under the circumstances – because there’s a lot of pressure, a college kid going to the NFL.  Just period, there’s a lot of pressure.  You add on #1 draft choice – that compounds the pressure exponentially.  Now you’re going to replace a legend, a legend who is still playing, who put Indianapolis on the map, the greatest quarterback of all time, I mean, could you go back and play another year at Stanford?  Just ‘til this blows over?” Letterman joked as Luck and the audience laughed.  “Well, I hired an agent,” Luck said, “so that option’s done.”  “Oh, you can’t go there, oh, boy,” Letterman said.  “Now, what are your expectations for the first year?  Are they rebuilding the team?  What are they going to do?”  “You know, I think you don’t want to use the word ‘rebuilding’ too much,” Luck replied.  “I think there’s a negative connotation, you know, attached with it.  You know, I’ll go in – you speak about Peyton.  You don’t really replace a guy like that.  He’s the best as you mentioned.”  


“Have you talked to him recently?” Letterman asked.  “No, not recently.  Actually, the last time I really talked to him was when I decided to come back to school, and, you know, called him, looked for advice.”  “And what did he tell you to do?  Stay in school as long as possible, don’t bother me, go back to London, see what you can do over there,” Letterman joked while Luck laughed.  “But there’s competition, but no hard feelings, is that how this works?” Letterman asked.  “No, absolutely,” Luck said.  I mean, obviously, and, you know, I’m still very young in this whole NFL business, but I understand it is a business.  You know, I think you can’t hold grudges because you’ve got to move on I guess.”  “What about the idea that people were deliberately not trying to win games so they could get you in the draft?” Letterman asked.  “What about that campaign?  Remember that?  Did that bother you a little bit?” “I do remember that,” Luck said.  “How did that make you feel?” Letterman said.  “It was a little flattering, I guess,” Luck asid.  “That was ‘Suck for Luck,’ is that what it was?” Letterman said.  “I think it was that,” Luck laughed.  “Wow, that’s ugly, isn’t it?” Letterman said.  “A little bit,” Luck said.  “Could that have happened?  Did that happen?” Letterman asked.  “You know, I don’t know,” Luck said.  “I don’t think teams want to lose on purpose.” “Are you happy to be in Indianapolis?” Letterman asked.  “Absolutely,” Luck said.  “Couldn’t be more thrilled, absolutely.”  “Do you know anything about the town?” Letterman said to Luck, as the host pulled out a business card from his desk with Letterman’s mother’s home address on it, handing it to Luck.


Later in the interview, Letterman stood in the audience of the Ed Sullivan Theater as he caught a pass from Luck, who threw from the stage.  Luck’s entire interview can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Also featured on the broadcast is an interview with Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams.


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