Person of Interest

January 2014


PERSON OF INTEREST is a crime thriller about an ex-CIA agent and a mysterious billionaire who prevent violent crimes by utilizing an all-seeing machine that can predict the events before they happen. Although they have successfully prevented numerous crimes thanks to The Machine’s omniscience, Reese and Finch now face an uncertain future. The Machine is being hunted by various forces and has moved itself to an unknown location in a surprising act of self-preservation.  In addition, it has begun communicating not only with Finch, but with Root, a dangerous hacker who views The Machine as a deity and believes she is serving a higher purpose by protecting it.  Detective Carter, Reese and Finch’s longtime ally, was tragically murdered after successfully taking down the criminal organization HR. Her death leaves Detective Fusco, who credits Carter with helping him redeem his corrupt past, to carry on her legacy.  As they await new numbers, Reese and Finch, now joined by Shaw, a lethal operative left for dead by the government, can only wonder where The Machine’s evolving intelligence will lead them next, and what imminent threat it seems to be preparing them for.


Began its third season Sept. 24, 2013 on the CBS Television Network


ON AIR:      Tuesdays (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT)






FORMAT:      Drama


STARRING:      Jim Caviezel     (John Reese)    

                       Michael Emerson     (Harold Finch)

                       Kevin Chapman     (Detective Lionel Fusco)

                       Sarah Shahi     (Sameen Shaw)

                       Amy Acker     (Root)


PRODUCED BY: Bonanza Productions Inc., in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman


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