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Couric Will be Joined by CBS News Correspondents in New York, Washington, D.C.,

And Around the Country, Including Bob Schieffer, Gloria Borger, Sharyl Attkisson, Anthony Mason,

Jim Axelrod, Byron Pitts, Sharyn Alfonsi, Lee Cowan and Bill Whitaker  

CBS News Political Analysts Mike McCurry and Nicolle Wallace Will Also Join Couric in New York Will Provide Live Results, Updated Every 90 Seconds, On Congressional and Gubernatorial Races   

CBS Radio News Will Simulcast Live the One-Hour Election Night Special

            Katie Couric will anchor CAMPAIGN 2006: ELECTION NIGHT, CBS News' comprehensive coverage of Election Night 2006 highlighted by a one-hour live primetime special on Tuesday, Nov. 7 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), which will be updated live for the west coast.  Couric will be joined by a group of some of the most experienced political reporters in broadcast journalism, as well as correspondents and reporters in key battleground states.  CBS News' Election Night '06 coverage will include hourly updates beginning at 8 PM, ET that will continue throughout the night. Reporting live on Election Night '06 will be Bob Schieffer, Gloria Borger, Sharyl Attkisson, Anthony Mason, Jim Axelrod, Byron Pitts, Sharyn Alfonsi, Lee Cowan, and Bill Whitaker, among others.  CBS News Political Analysts Mike McCurry and Nicolle Wallace will also join Couric in New York. 

          CBS News' coverage will include results and analysis of all Senate and key House of Representatives races, as well as gubernatorial election results and votes on key referenda. The coverage will also include analysis of the national and state exit poll data from the Exit Poll Desk located in the Election Night studio, using state-of-the-art technology to display vote counting and demographic data.  CBS News correspondents and analysts will provide context for the data in an effort to explain how and why people voted the way they did.  Projections will be made by the CBS News Decision Desk. CBS News executives will oversee the desk's activity. 

            In addition, CBS News' Campaign 2006 Website ( will provide the fastest, most reliable, most user-friendly election results available anywhere.  Live results, updated every 90 seconds, for the Congressional and gubernatorial races will be available down to the county level. users will see projections as soon as they're made by the Network's Decision Desk.  The same complete, detailed national and state exit poll data used by CBS News producers and correspondents will be available on as soon as the polls are closed. Experts from the CBS News Election Unit will update stories on voter trends and behavior throughout the evening.  At the end of the night, will feature opinion and analysis commentary from our partners from across the entire political spectrum.  Web users can view free video at, which will Webcast live all of the key victory celebrations and concession speeches.

            CBS Radio News will simulcast Couric's primetime special live at 10 PM, ET/PT.  In addition, CBS Radio News will provide special reports and updates four times an hour throughout the night and will have correspondents reporting live from key battleground states.

           Members of CBS News' coverage team and their "beats" for the evening are:

· Bob Schieffer, CBS News' chief Washington correspondent and anchor of FACE THE NATION, will join Couric in New York, providing overall analysis of the campaigns, the candidates and the results.  Schieffer has covered Washington for over 35 years.

· National Political Correspondent Gloria Borger, a veteran Washington reporter and columnist, will cover the Senate races. 

· Capitol Hill Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, who has covered Washington since 1995, will cover the House of Representatives races. 

· CBS News Correspondent Anthony Mason will provide live coverage from the Exit Poll Desk.

· Chief White House Correspondent Jim Axelrod will be live at the White House with reaction and analysis from the Bush administration.

· National Correspondent Byron Pitts and CBS News Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi will both report live from key battleground states, which will be determined closer to election night. 

· CBS News Correspondent Lee Cowan will report live from Ohio and will be covering the key races in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

· CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker will report from a west coast battleground state and will provide updates on all key races for the one-hour special live from 10:00-11:00 PM, PT.

            Al Ortiz is Executive Producer and Director, Special Events, CBS News.  Molly Levinson is CBS News Political Director.  Paul Friedman is Vice President, News Coverage, CBS News.