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4,100 GameStop Stores Now Networked for Digital Video Delivery, Making GameStop TV One of the Largest National Digital Out-of-Home Networks


New York - July 20, 2010 ?? CBS Outdoor today announced that its CBS Outernet division has completed the installation of the fully digital GameStop TV network in 4,100 U.S. GameStop stores.  This milestone for the world's largest video game entertainment software retailer makes GameStop TV one of the largest digital out-of-home media networks in the country.


The network consists of in-store 40-inch HD LCD screens with high-quality audio strategically placed near point-of-sale checkout areas, providing maximum visibility and exposure of the GameStop TV content to customers at each store's highest traffic area.  According to Nielsen Media Research, GameStop TV reaches 16 million viewers who "look at, watch and listen to" the network's content and advertising twice monthly.


"Gamers are a passionate, media-savvy and hard-to-reach consumer segment, and research shows that this powerful medium reaches and influences them when they are making purchase decisions inside a store," said Jesse London, Vice President/ General Sales Manager, CBS Outernet.  "In addition, the exceptional customer-centric gaming content engages customers with the latest in gaming news, insider info and other timely and compelling content to drive high viewership." 


"We are extremely pleased with the entertainment, informational, and promotional value delivered to customers on a daily basis by GameStop TV," said Mike Hogan, GameStop's Senior Vice President of Marketing.  "The CBS Outernet backbone delivers a critical addition to our in-store experience, providing a great way for us to speak to our consumer base as well as our knowledgeable and dedicated game advisors in a meaningful and compelling way.  We look forward to continued collaboration with CBS to maximize ongoing opportunities."


Intercept studies conducted on behalf CBS and GameStop show that 91 percent of shoppers find GameStop TV "entertaining" and 88 percent also find it "informative." Furthermore, 85 percent of GameStop shoppers say they are more likely to purchase consumer products or services promoted on GameStop TV.  In addition, intercept studies confirm that advertisers experience significant increases in awareness and brand recall during advertising campaigns on GameStop TV. 


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