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September 10, 2003


Multi-Platform Marketing Includes Cable Networks, Local Stations, Radio, Outdoor And Blockbuster Stores

Launch Plan To Reach All Target Demographics

CBS will promote its new shows and fall schedule through an aggressive multi-platform campaign on the Viacom family of properties, reaching all target demographics with programming and advertising.

CBS has programming partnerships with Viacom cable networks VH1 and Comedy Central, Viacom's owned and operated local stations and the Infinity radio stations. CBS will also run advertising on cable networks such as MTV, Nick At Nite, BET and Spike TV -- plus the Infinity radio stations, Westwood One radio and Viacom Outdoor. In addition, CBS will distribute millions of free "Sneak Peek" DVDs (sponsored by General Motors) at more than 5,500 Blockbuster stores.

CBS will promote SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS -- the latest version of the hit reality franchise -- with a special on VH1. "VH1 Goes Inside Survivor" will be an hour-long celebration of one of the most groundbreaking shows in television history. The Network will broadcast the special -- which includes clips from past SURVIVOR editions and exclusive interviews -- 15 times leading up to the Thursday, Sept. 18 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) launch of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS. The link with VH1 will further SURVIVOR's status as a pop culture icon.

To promote its comedies, CBS has partnered with Comedy Central, the only all-comedy network. Stars from the CBS sitcom THE KING OF QUEENS will serve as hosts of a themed night on the comedy network. CBS's comedy lineup this fall features the new TWO AND A HALF MEN, starring Charlie Sheen, and the shift in time slots of YES, DEAR to Monday at 8:00 PM and KING OF QUEENS and BECKER to Wednesday night. The Comedy Central tie-in is designed to build the audience for CBS comedies among 18-to-49 year-olds.

The CBS local stations owned and operated by the Viacom Television Stations Group will broadcast "CBS Sneak Peek," a half-hour preview show highlighting CBS's six new shows hosted by YES, DEAR stars Michael O'Malley and Liza Snyder. Many of the stations will program it multiple times. CBS is also making the show available to all of its affiliates.

CBS is also bringing DJs from major-market Infinity stations to Television City in Los Angeles for the "CBS Premiere Radio Party," where they will interview top CBS stars. An accompanying radio contest will also run in those markets.

CBS will also advertise its shows on cable networks MTV, Nick At Nite, CMT, BET, TV Land and Spike TV, plus the 185 Infinity radio stations, the Westwood One radio network and through Viacom Outdoor. The Viacom Outdoor initiative includes "station domination" -- billboard blanketing -- in New York's Grand Central Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal.

CBS will also promote THE HANDLER, the new FBI drama starring Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos"), with a spot in the DVD version of the Paramount film, "The Italian Job." Paramount is Viacom's film studio.

CBS will also place billboards and distribute fall schedules in Paramount theme parks, and insert new-season schedules in CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Season 2 DVDs.

In addition, CBS will distribute millions of "Sneak Peek" DVDs in partnership with Blockbuster. Sponsored by General Motors, the DVDs will be available free in more than 5,500 Blockbuster stores and offer unique special features such as an exclusive interview with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.

Using the Viacom television properties -- including the targeted cable networks -- as well as radio and outdoor, gives CBS the ability to reach all its target demographics for the fall launch.

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