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JUDGE JUDY has been the #1 show in first-run syndication for the last five seasons and #1 in daytime for five consecutive seasons.  The Emmy Award-winning courtroom series returned for its19th season on Monday, September 8, 2014.


Presided over by outspoken former Family Court Judge, Judge Judith Sheindlin, the series continues to serve as a benchmark for the courtroom genre With her no-nonsense, hard-hiting decisive and witty approrach to justice, Judge Sheindlin has established herself as a pop-culture icon for a new generation of viewers.

JUDGE JUDY selects actual court cases from across the nation and places them before the charismatic Judge Sheindlin, a credible arbitrator well known for her decisions on some of the toughest cases in New York. The series focuses on small claims disputes, which most often center on family and/or interpersonal relationship issues.  Ultimately, the cases usually involve relationships in conflict where Judge Sheindlin applies her unique ability to act as a true moral compass for people seeking guidance, insight and resolution in their often complicated lives.


“Humor is a key factor in JUDGE JUDY’s mass appeal,” adds Randy Douthit, the series’ executive producer and director. “Viewers love her sharp-tongued approach to finding the truth.  Her quick wit makes people laugh out loud.”


Before JUDGE JUDY became America’s #1 rated courtroom series, Judge Sheindlin was the subject of a Los Angeles Times article in February 1993.  The story caught the attention of “60 Minutes,” which soon led to a segment on the popular newsmagazine show that caught the attention of a producer who suggested Judy Sheindlin take her talents to television.On Sept. 16, 1996, JUDGE JUDY became a reality premiering in syndication.



More information about JUDGE JUDY and presiding Judge Judith Sheindlin is available at www.judgejudy.com, the official website of the series,  Facebook and Twitter @judgejudy Judge Sheindlin also has a  website, www.whatwouldjudysay.com, to share her ideas about life and create a forum to discuss issues.


JUDGE JUDY is a Big Ticket Pictures production and is distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Big Ticket is a CBS Company. Randy Douthit is executive producer and director. 


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