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CBS has expanded its Consumer Products division to incorporate a vast library of titles ranging from classic programming such as “Twlight Zone,” to fan favorites like “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Cheers” and “Star Trek.”  In addition to managing the worldwide licensing, merchandising and video for hit shows such as “CSI,” “Survivor,” “Amazing Race,” “Criminal Minds,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and America’s Net Top Model”; CBS Consumer Products is now responsible for the Star Trek franchise as well as over 100 classic TV properties from the CBS Paramount Television library.  New licensing initiatives include apparel programs based on favorites like “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Melrose Place” and “Happy Days.”  Later this year, “Star Trek,” the original series, celebrates its 40th anniversary with exciting new merchandise, collector series DVD’s, new publications from Simon & Schuster and the launch of the “Star Trek” on-line store.  

The following is a listing of products currently being offered or in development  by the CBS Consumer Products division and its licensees.  Please note:  This document does not include information pertaining to CBS DVD and Star Trek:

This top rated drama extends the brand to several new products:

∑ UBISOFT:  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 3 Dimensions of Murder,
the 3rd version of the very successful PC game has recently been released - distributed in the US, Canada, and the UK and other languages around the world.

∑ SBG/BeEqual will debut a new board game CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, THE SENSES in August. The game was conceived and developed by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker. The high profile launch will be supported by TV advertising, TV Guide features, and more.

∑ DORLING KINDERSLY – a high end publisher known for its coffee table books will be publishing THE ULTIMATE CSI Forensics Guide, a hard cover nonfiction book with full color layouts that will be devoted to the science of forensics as demonstrated by the characters in the show.   This book will be distributed internationally.

∑ PLANET TOYS will release two new science kits as part of their very successful product line just in time for the fall shopping season.   A Handwriting Analysis Kit and a DNA Strand Model will allow young scientists to explore other areas of forensics.

∑ SIMON & SCHUSTER will be adding four more original novels to its very successful CSI publishing program.   The novels are published in the US, Canada, the UK and 10 international territories.
∑ CSI MUSEUM TOUR - Coming in Spring 2007, the latest innovations in forensics will be highlighted through the CBS hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in an interactive, hands-on family-targeted museum tour.  A collaborative of museums lead by the Ft. Worth Texas Museum of Science and History have received a multi-million grant from  THE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION funding the development of the tour.
∑ SCENE IT - In September 2006, to coincide with the launch of the 13th  installment of SURVIVOR,   Scene It  will release SURVIVOR-BLAST  a DVD game based on the hit series that defined the reality genre.  The new Blast format allows players to interact with the game without a BOARD.   

∑ SURVIVOR:  THE RIDE, the world’s first reality roller coaster, opened in April 2006 at Paramount’s Great America Theme park in Santa Clara, CA.   Those brave enough to take the immunity challenge will find themselves deep in the jungle, hounded by the pounding of jungle drums, as they pass 40-foot tall torches and tribal relics.     In true SURVIVOR fashion, riders will be divided into two tribes for their first challenge to see who can outplay and “outspray” the competition. Tribe members will be led in a series of tribal chants and ritual dance moves. Make the wrong moves and a collection of tribal masks will show their displeasure by spraying water on the losing tribe.  The tribes are then led to their final challenge atop a large circular platform, guarded by a towering tribal mask at the center. Seated around the edge of the circle, facing outwards, the platform begins to spin and rock as it moves back and forth along a wave shaped track. Spinning out of control and rocketing up and down hills as tall as five stories, participants hold on to become the sole survivor.      
∑ WARREN PUBLISHING - Coming to market this summer will be Amazing Race – The Board Game – from Warren Publishing.  Players of all ages will be able to “Race” around the world by correctly answering trivia from the show and questions about geography and world events

∑ B1 MEDIA - Amazing Race – The DVD Game – from B1 Media in conjunction with Pressman Toys.  To be released in time for holiday shopping.

∑ HAMPSHIRE HOUSE/BULL & FINCH ENTERPRISES - continues its relationship with the Cheers Bar and Restaurant in Boston with food, beverage and a line of licensed merchandise.

One of our new and exciting initiatives in the Hit TV category:  

Simon & Schuster has signed on to launch a publishing geared towards you adults.
CBS Consumer Products is currently targeting the following categories:
∑ Publishing
∑ Games
∑ Social expressions
∑ Apparel
Currently in Development:
∑ Music Compilation Sound Track
∑ Home Video

CBS Consumer Products will be launching Men’s, Women’s and Juniors’ apparel and accessories programs based on our vast library of classic TV shows (Brady Bunch, Love Boat, Dynasty, Taxi, Twilight Zone and Happy Days to name a few).  

∑ Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place Juniors apparel collections from JUNK FOOD will be available this fall to coincide with release of the shows on DVD.
∑ Mighty Mouse t-shirts from GIANT and JUNK FOOD will be introduced along with collectibles and novelties.

2006 -2007 – Star Trek 40th Anniversary – see under separate cover

CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Enterprises, manages the worldwide licensing, merchandising and video activities for a diverse slate of properties owned or controlled by the CBS Corporation.  Additional information is available by visiting