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Provocative New One-Hour Series That Delves into the Lives of Seven Real Women in Suburbia Premieres Tuesday, June 13 at 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT

CBS today revealed the women of TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB, a new one-hour series which follows the lives of seven real women in a middle-class suburb as they deal with the day-to-day pressures of raising kids, maintaining households, satisfying their husbands and sharing their intimate secrets. The new summer series premieres Tuesday, June 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB will explore the good, the bad and the surprising elements of life in suburbia as seen through the eyes of a group of women from Scottsdale, Ariz. who get together each Tuesday night to reconnect and discuss everything in their lives, from sex to spouses to inner-most conflicts.

Following are the seven women of the TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB:

CRIS, "The Loyal Wife"
Age: 39
Profession: Animal trainer for movies and television
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Cris' husband of 10 years, Matthew, recently got out of rehab for an addiction problem. Chris loves her husband, thinks he is a good father to their two beautiful children and wants to make their marriage work, but she has let him know that if he slips up one more time, it's over. Cris hopes that Matthew will stay sober so their marriage can survive. She's hoping that the TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB can give her the outlet she needs to talk about her life, her kids and how to cope with her hectic life.

SARA, "The Party Girl"
Age: 26
Profession: Loan manager and aspiring clothing designer
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Sara believes in living life to
the fullest: relationships, traveling, partying or her love life, she likes keep things exciting. Sara knows she’s sexy and is not afraid to show it. She hopes to bring her zest for life and love to the TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB, and is eager to learn from the other women, but she hopes they can also appreciate her openness and learn a few things from her.

JENN, "The Trophy Wife"
AGE: 38
Profession: Housewife
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Jennifer definitely has "the life" -- she's married to a successful businessman and leads a carefree lifestyle that many women yearn for. Jennifer thinks her marriage is a perfect 10 and attributes its success to their closeness and ease with each other. An ideal day for Jennifer not only includes working out and shopping, but facials, manicures, traveling and socializing with her friends. Jennifer is looking forward to the TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB so she can share her wonderful lifestyle with these women and hopefully meet new people with whom she can have more good times.

JAMIE, "The Conflicted Wife"
Age: 25
Profession: Salon owner
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Jamie is a beautiful 25-year-old married stepmother who is at a crossroads in her life as well as in her marriage. She's been married since she was 19 and never had the chance to sow her wild oats. Jamie has had several affairs since she married. She is conflicted about whether or not to stay with her husband or run off with her new beau. Jamie openly seeks the counsel of her pals at her TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB for any guidance they might offer on how to stop living this double life and choose the path that’s best suited for her.

KIRIN, "The Doctor’s Wife"
Age: 31
Profession: Housewife, motivational speaker to young girls and former professional model
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Kirin is the perfect housewife who, at first glance, has everything a girl could want, but upon further review, is desperate to break out of her day-to-day routine. Putting her family first for the better part of her 20s, Kirin is ready to "find herself” in her 30s. As she and her husband approach their 10 year anniversary, Kirin is eager to reinvigorate their marriage and spend more time focusing on their relationship. Kirin is desperate to feel loved and turns to her pals at her TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB for a distraction from the pressures of being the perfect wife.

LYNN, "The Newlywed"
Age: 28
Profession: Speech-language pathologist
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Lynn is a typical Type A personality. She and her husband, Eddie, have only been married for six months, but when these two argue, things can get heated quickly. Whether it’s over money or Eddie’s laziness, Lynn is growing tired of the bickering. She looks to her pals at her TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB for a little bit of peace and quiet and maybe some answers on how to make her marriage stronger.

TINA, "The Divorced Mom"
Age: 46
Profession: Owns and operates her own marketing business
Reason for attending TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB: Tina is a beautiful divorced mother of three who packs an iron fist in a silk glove. Tina’s no-nonsense approach to life has molded her into the self-assured, confident and competitive woman she is today. A former beauty queen and karate champion, Tina recently jumped back into the dating game, but she worries that she'll never find a man who will love her for her strengths and support her when she’s vulnerable. Tina’s assertiveness is never more apparent than when she’s hanging out with her girlfriends at her TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB, dishing out advice and telling it like it is. Tina secretly seeks their advice, but is very reluctant to ever display that desire. Tina seems to have it all…beauty, business and the brawn…but will she be able to juggle her family, work and the search for love?

TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB is produced by The Jay and Tony Show for Magic Molehill Productions, Inc. Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh are executive producers.

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