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Cast and production credits for JESSE STONE: THIN ICE, a new television movie to be broadcast Sunday, March 1 on the CBS Television Network

ON AIR:                                                                9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT

ORIGINATION:                                                   Halifax, Nova Scotia (film)


FORMAT:                                                             Paradise, Mass. Police Chief Jesse Stone finds himself in trouble with the Town Council when he inadvertently becomes involved in a shoot-out on a Boston street.   His friend, State Homicide Commander Healy, is seriously wounded and Jesse comes under investigation by the Boston Police Department's Internal Affairs Division, which causes him to be away from Paradise for extended periods of time.  


STARRING:                                                          Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone)

                                                                              Kathy Baker (Rose Gammon)

                                                                              Kohl Sudduth (Luther "Suitcase" Simpson)

                                                                              Leslie Hope (Sidney Greenstreet)

                                                                              Steven McHattie (Captain Healy)

                                                                              William Sadler (Gino Fish)

                                                                              Jessica Hecht (Stephanie Morton)

                                                                              Joanna Miles (Mrs. Steinberg)

                                                                              Fulvio Cecere (Teddy Leaf)           


WITH:                                                                   William Devane (Dr. Dix)


AND:                                                                     Camryn Manheim (Elizabeth Blue)


ADDITIONAL CAST:                                          Jeremy Akerman (Councilman Carter Hansen)

                                                                              John Beale (Dr. Perkins)

                                                                              Kerri Smith (Sister Mary John)

                                                                              Gary Levert (William Butler)

                                                                              Todd Hofley (Alan)

                                                                              Tom Gallant (Councilman Comden)

                                                                              Glenn Lefchak (Homeless Guy)

                                                                              Brian Heighton (Boston Doctor)

                                                                              Dawn Cyr (Nurse #1)

                                                                              Sherry Smith (Nurse #2

                                                                              Jonathan Brass (Michael)

                                                                              Philip Dinn (Dispatch Officer)

                                                                              Scott Owen (Teddy's Sidekick)

                                                                              Ruby Carr (Runaway Girl)

                                                                              Steven Morgan (Bartender)

                                                                              Gil Anderson (Jenn)

                                                                              Joe (Reggie)          


PRODUCED BY:                                                  TWS Productions II and Brandman Productions, Inc., in association with Sony Pictures Television


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:                                Michael Brandman

                                                                              Tom Selleck


PRODUCER:                                                         Steven Brandman


CO-PRODUCER:                                                 Robert Harmon


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER                                   Cheryl R. Stein

                                                                              John Albanis


DIRECTED BY:                                                    Robert Harmon


TELEPLAY BY:                                                    Ronni Kern


STORY BY:                                                          Ronni Kern, Tom Selleck & Michael Brandman


BASED CHARACTERS CREATED BY:              Robert B. Parker


DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:                      Rene Ohashi, ASC, CSC


PRODUCTION DESIGNER:                                Bill Fleming


EDITED BY:                                                          Steven Cohen, A.C.E.


MUSIC BY:                                                           Jeff Beal


SOUND MIXER:                                                  Jane Porter


COSTUME DESIGNER:                                       Betsy Cox


US CASTING BY:                                                Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A

                                                                              Steve Brooksbank, C.S.A



RATING:  To Be Announced


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