Weekly Series, Sponsored by LG Electronics USA, Helps People Conquer the Technology in Their Lives with Real-world Torture Tests of the Hottest Gadgets, How To Tips and Advice, and Previews of Future Technology 

SAN FRANCISCO, June 19, 2012 – After years of covering the consumer tech space from her office, CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood will take tech product reviews out of the lab and into the real world.  CNET’s new online video series, “Always On” with Molly Wood, will take tablets, smartphones and other tech gadgets through a series of extreme tests to see which ones can stand up to the demanding lives of today’s gadget owners.  It is the first long-form broadcast-quality show produced by CNET TV.   The first episode will be available on Tuesday, June 19 at 11:00 AM, PT at

Each Tuesday at 10:45 AM, PT, Wood will join viewers in a live chat room where she will answer viewers’ questions before, during and after the show.  In the first few episodes, the new iPad and the popular Samsung Galaxy S III will go through a series of torture tests that will keep viewers glued to their screens.  They will endure exposure to extreme heat and cold, case-endangering drops and the dreaded dunk test.  CNET editor Sharon Vaknin will showcase how fans can make their own stylus for less than $5, and Molly jumps behind the wheel of a solar-powered race car!

“As consumers, we’re as careful as can be with our expensive smartphones, laptops and tablets, but at some point we’ve all wondered whether they would survive something as simple as getting dropped down a flight of stairs, left in a hot car, or worse, dunked in water,” said Wood.  “This show is all about pushing the boundaries of tech and doing the things that people were afraid to do themselves, whether it’s scratching the screen of an iPhone or letting the kids take their tablets by the pool. This is real life, and real life is hard on gadgets!”

“Molly understands tech natively, and she loves it. She knows how to make tech fun and interesting, and her new show brings the excitement of gadgets to a general audience,” said Lindsey Turrentine, Editor in Chief of CNET Reviews. “The show’s mission is inspire, motivate and amaze viewers, and to introduce everyone to personal tech's endless possibilities.”

Before being the host of “Always On,” Wood was best known by CNET users as the co-creator and host of the popular “Buzz Out Loud” technology news podcast. She also hosted the “Buzz Report” weekly videocast and many other CNET programs.  In addition to her hosting duties, Wood will continue to write for her “Molly Rants” blog at CNET, where her commentaries covered topics such as SOPA and “How Facebook is Ruining Sharing,” leading her to become a finalist for ASME’s 2012 Digital Ellies.  

      The show, sponsored by LG Electronics USA, will feature the following segments:


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