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Search Industry Guru Joins CNET as Contributing Columnist with a New Blog to Help Consumers Understand How Tech Products and Web Services Work through Real-Life Use

SAN FRANCISCO, March 5 – CNET today announced that Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, will join CNET as a contributing columnist. In a new blog launching tomorrow called "Common Sense Tech," Sullivan will cover the convergence of tech products and web services, bringing his general expertise about tech issues to a consumer-focused audience.  

Since he began writing about search 15 years ago, Sullivan has built a reputation as a search guru, translating the basic principles to help webmasters, marketers and everyday web users understand how search engines work. In his new CNET blog, Sullivan will bring this approach to the world of web services and consumer electronics, breaking down the basics to help people get more out of the services and technologies they use in their everyday lives.

"Danny is well-known as the leading authority on the search engine market, but those who read him regularly know that he's also one of the sharpest overall analysts of consumer Internet and technology products around today," said Mark Larkin, SVP and GM of CNET. "Common Sense Tech will give Danny a new platform to call it like he sees it when it comes to Internet applications and consumer electronics.  We're honored and excited to have him join the CNET team."

“I’ve enjoyed covering tech issues through my personal blog, and I’m really looking forward to reaching a broader audience through CNET,” Sullivan said. “In particular, I want to push for a better focus on how tech products actually work through real-life use. We need to care less about how many megapixels our smartphone cameras have and more about how easily we can actually take pictures with them.”

Sullivan continues in his role as editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, one of the leading resources on search engines. He is often called upon by the media for his expertise on search engines and has been quoted or featured in publications including The Wall St. Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The New Yorker and Newsweek.

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