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CBSN’s Newest Original Documentary “Seeking Asylum” Is Available to Stream Now Across CBS News’ Digital Properties

Watch “Seeking Asylum” Here

June 8, 2018 – The newest documentary from CBSN, CBS News’ 24/7 streaming network, follows the extensive journey many migrants take as they navigate their way toward freedom in America. “Seeking Asylum” is available to stream now across CBS News’ digital properties.

In this documentary, CBSN’s Adam Yamaguchi reunites with Shahab Shahbazi, the Iranian migrant whose story was documented in CBSN Originals’ “The Darien Gap” in late 2017. CBSN followed Shahab’s 10-day journey across the Darien Gap – a dangerous route that migrants from around the world increasingly traverse with the hopes of getting to the United States. After parting ways with the CBSN Originals team at a police outpost near the Panamanian border, Shahbazi has since crossed seven more borders to get to the United States.

Shahab was forced to flee his home several years ago after being beaten and jailed for converting from Islam to Christianity, and he is seeking asylum on humanitarian grounds. Since arriving in the U.S., Shahab spent six months in immigration detention and was later released on parole. Without any job or family, he stays in a friend’s home in San Diego while his case is still pending, uncertain about his future.

When asked if he’s happy he came to the United States, Shahbab says, “I can say I’m happy [when] I have a job. I have [a] future. I have something.” He continues: “Right now, I can’t say I’m happy or not. Wait. Wait. Wait. How many times? I’m tired of wait[ing].”

CBSN launched its documentary series CBSN Originals in January 2016, adding a new dimension to the network with immersive reports that take a deep dive into some of the key issues driving the national and global conversation. To date, CBSN has streamed 21 Originals, covering a wide range of topics including social media’s role in the violence that drove the Rohingya minority out of Myanmar, gender identity, the efforts to end child marriage in Nepal, genetic engineering and the dangerous journey to America through the Darien Gap, among others. Catch up on the entire slate of CBSN Originals:

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