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Sharing What You’re Reading, Where You’re Heading And How You’re Getting There Now Easier Than Ever


 Today, CBS Local Digital Media launched a new app that people can add to their Facebook timeline to share news, traffic and weather with their friends and learn more about the day’s headlines and what’s happening locally or in other major markets across the country.


Anyone who visits CBS Local Digital Media’s New York ( or Los Angeles ( websites can add the app to enhance their Facebook timeline in real time with links to stories they’ve read, as well as local conditions in their hometown or places they’re planning on visiting.


“We’re thrilled to launch this new app for Facebook timeline,” said Ezra Kucharz.  “Sharing with your friends what you’re learning about the world outside your door has more meaning today than it ever has, and this app makes it easy to build connections by telling the story of your life through your activities online.”


When people choose to install the CBS Local Digital Media app, they have full control over what information they share with their friends. They can also always edit their settings from their Application Settings Page on Facebook, and they can remove specific activity directly from timeline or from their personal Activity Log on Facebook.


Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.


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About CBS Local Digital Media

Combining the assets of CBS’s owned and operated television and radio stations, CBS Local Digital Media brings together the most trusted brands in media offering visitors a truly “local” experience. Websites and mobile applications have been launched in more than two dozen markets and include the latest news, traffic, weather, sports and music headlines, as well as a question and answer service, CBS Local Offers, Best of Guides, and business directories.  Live audio streams and a library of on-demand video from all CBS local market stations are available allowing consumers to experience award-winning original content whether at home, the office or on the go.