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            CBS Sports Network’s college football programming continues this week with INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL featuring Adam Zucker, and analysts Aaron Taylor, Randy Cross and Brian Jones. This week’s episode includes interviews with Miami head coach Al Golden, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder and Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.

            The TONY BARNHART SHOW, a weekly one-hour primetime college football talk show, airs tonight at 8:00 PM, ET. The show features interviews with NCAA President Mark Emmert, Baylor quarterback and Heisman Trophy finalist Robert Griffin III and columnist Bruce Feldman.

            TACKLING THE TRENDS, a weekly 30-minute show hosted by CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson, airs at 9:00 PM, ET.  

The following are excerpts from the TONY BARNHART SHOW: 


Before this next academic year is over, we’re going to have a major re-write of our rulebook, throwing away a lot of the rules that are just plain silly, unenforceable, don’t have anything to do with the integrity of the game and instead focusing on those things that really count. I always say, ‘the things our mama’s taught us.' You don’t lie, you don’t cheat, you don’t take money, you don’t cheat on your school work. The things that are really fundamental to what sports is about. And then putting in place on top of that, an investigation, an adjudication and a penalty structure that puts real teeth into holding accountable the people that are really engaged in these things.



I think the collegiate model is an extraordinary one. We’re the only nation on earth that has combined athletics with higher education in the way that we do. It’s something that’s uniquely American and I think it’s a great American tradition. If we move to a place sometime in the future, after I’m gone because it wouldn’t happen on my watch, if we move to a place where we convert our student athletes, who are students who happen to be athletes, into professionals, well then we’ve completely thrown away that model. Then we’ve moved to a place where we’ve completely said, ‘No, this is just a business, this is just a commercial activity.’ And think of the consequences of that. If you were a president of a University you’d immediately move to a place where we only care about the sports that generate revenue. So get rid of everything else: golf, tennis, swimming, track, field, volleyball, women’s basketball.


The following are excerpts from INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL:


It was a hard decision. It was a very, very difficult decision. When I retired, you know it takes a little time to get adjusted to it but I had so many things that I was able to get involved with that were really significant to me, my life and certainly to the state of Kansas. So when I was asked to come back, it really was a very, very difficult decision. It took a long time. It probably took a couple of months and a lot of dialog with my son Sean and all of our family. And just the thought process that went into it was kind of complex, but nevertheless, here we are.

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I’m a D-Line coach. When my wife introduces me to this day, she says, ‘he’s a defensive line coach at Michigan.’ And that’s probably right. For me, being close to those kids, working with them on a daily basis, you love the coaching and the fundamentals and the techniques. That’s what you love to do. And so Mike Martin and myself, Will Campbell and Quinton Washington, we get into that office and watch the practice tape together, grade the practice tape, put-ins the whole thing. It really is probably selfish, but it keeps me where I need to be.

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There’s no question we’re happy. We’re in one of the greatest hotbeds there is for college football. We have an incredible tradition at Miami, we’ve played for more national championships in the last 30 years than anybody. We have more players in the NFL, we had the most players in the pro-bowl, we had the most first-rounders. So there’s so many great things in addition to being a top-40 institution. But for me to say I wasn’t blindsided would be crazy. It was me and our staff and I’m sitting there with my wife, and this is being played out. What you guys saw on video was real. You talk about reality TV, we were going through it. Again, I’m really proud of our kids for just saying focused and being competitive and fighting through the adversity, most particularly on defense.

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