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Also, Four Couples Learn the Harsh Rules of Engagement; A Devout Couple Believe God Will Provide - But Their Creditors Aren't as Confident; Addicted Twin Sisters Have On-Screen Interventions; Worst Valentine's Day Stories;

Hell Weddings and More, Airing This February on "DR. PHIL"



Hollywood, CA - January 31, 2008 - This February, America's doctor marks his 1000th episode with a special two hour celebration airing over two days and featuring surprise celebrity appearances, musical performances and a "where-are-they-now" retrospective of prior guests.  "The 1000th Episode" and "The 1001st Episode" air back-to-back on Monday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 12.  (Check listings for channel and time.  Broadcast schedule subject to change without notice). 


Other February highlights include a new Dr. Phil House series, in which four couples, intent on being married, learn some harsh "Rules of Engagement;" A devout, but penniless, couple believe that God will provide for their needs, while their children go without and their creditors seek restitution; An intervention for prescription-addicted twin sisters; Valentine's Day horror stories, Hell Weddings and more. 


On Monday, February 4, several couples come forth to confess to Dr. Phil their "Dirty Little Secrets," such as the man who lied about being married several times before when his girlfriend swore she would never marry a multiple divorced man; and the woman who considers her marriage to be an "open" relationship while her husband holds a more traditional view. 


"Dr. Phil's Rules of Engagement," a three-part Dr. Phil House series, begins Tuesday, February 5, in which four couples who wish to be married, consent to have some harsh reality checks about their relationships.  Kalin is an abusive philanderer who has fathered Lacey's baby and he wants to make to marry her to make "it right;" Steve is terrified of self-described "Princess" Stephanie, who believes he should wait on her every whim and need; Lisa wishes Steve would give up his adolescent dreams of being a rock star; and 19-year-olds Tom and Lilly only know that they're in love...and pregnant!  The second installment of "Dr. Phil's Rules of Engagement - Part Two" airs on Thursday, February 19 and concludes with "Dr. Phil's Rules of Engagement - Part Three" on Tuesday, February 26


"Pill Popping Twins," a two-part episode about adult twin women, on a downward spiral of prescription drug addiction, airs Wednesday, February 6 and Thursday, February 7.  Confronted by their younger sister about their deadly habit, the enraged women are hauled in front of the cameras for an intervention, with Dr. Phil giving them a wake-up call before a probable double-funeral takes place


Preparing for Valentine's Day, Dr. Phil and Robin host a Valentine's Day boot camp and explore what several couples call "My Worst Valentine" on Friday, February 8.  The show includes the stories of Denise, who is married to the recalcitrant Daren, a man who told her that he loved 17 years ago and doesn't see the need to keep telling her that; a woman who wants a makeover to spice up her marriage, as well as another woman who wants her husband to dress up and look better; and the sad story of a newlyweds Kate & Brett who found out she was severely ill and then found their home burglarized.  


On Thursday, February 14, Dr. Phil examines what happens to a couple whose marriage has become a theatre of war, in "Lies and Betrayals."  Elizabeth believes her husband to be a pathological liar, claiming that Matt's pancreatic cancer is a way for him to con another couple into caring for him.  Meanwhile, Matt accuses his wife of sexually molesting their 12-year-old son. 


In "Living on a Prayer," airing Friday, February 15, Dr. Phil is asked to step in to help keep a family from ruin.  Janna and Dan's are unemployed and penniless.  Yet, they believe that their unflagging devotion and faith that God will provide for all their earthly needs.  In the meantime, their seven children often go starving and live in squalid conditions and the wife's parents are fearful about what this deprivation will mean for their future health and well-being.  Dr. Phil shares what it was like for him to grow up in a similar situation and tries to reason with the couple to at least spare their children from their fervent beliefs. 


Dr. Phil attempts to intercede in the life of a 54-year-old alcoholic, whose habit has all but killed her, in "Sober Up or Else," airing Monday, February 18.  The woman, Joey, has three daughters who have lived with their mother's drunkenness all their lives and are now at the point where they wish she would die already and end the misery of watching her slow demise. 


While the internet has changed many aspects of modern living, it has also brought many new ways to deceive one's partner, as Dr. Phil explores in "Internet Cheats" on Wednesday, February 20.  In this show, he explores a married couple in which the husband doesn't even have to leave the house to cheat, and a woman who has added sexy guys to her MySpace page just to make her husband jealous. 


"Bridezillas" and their male counterparts are explored by Dr. Phil in "Hell Weddings" on Thursday, February 21.  In one case, Angela is so controlling about every detail of her wedding that she won't allow her husband-to-be to have any input, as if he's just a prop for the entire party.  Then, there's Janae who is still bitter and enraged that her husband Michael was so drunk on their wedding day that she had to attend her reception -- and wedding night - by herself. 


About The DR. PHIL Show


Executive Producer Carla Pennington has been with DR. PHIL since its first season, as have Supervising Producers Angie Kraus Bell, Kandi Amelon-Sawyer, Kathy Giaconia, Lisa Steinke and Director Paul Casey. 


 The syndicated series, DR. PHIL, was created by Harpo Productions, produced by Peteski Productions in association with CBS Television Distribution.  It is broadcast on over 212 stations representing 99.9% of the country.  Since its debut in September 2002, the series has been ranked second among all daytime talk shows and consistently ranks among the Top Ten of all syndicated strips (Source:  NSS Ranking Report).


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