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To be broadcast Feb. 7

New York, NY – Feb 7th From J.LO to Kim Kardashian, these days, having a plump, curvaceous behind is certainly an asset in Hollywood. Women are paying a lot of money to achieve sexy figures, so they too can have curves like their favorites celebrities.  But INSIDE EDITION has uncovered an underground world of unqualified people – offering cut-rate and potentially lethal butt-enhancement treatments. 

INSIDE EDITION found many women are willing to risk their health – and lives – just for bigger behinds.  The results do not make them look like ladies of Hollywood, though. In fact, the results can look more like a scene from a horror movie. Women scarred forever, injected with things like cement, household sealants and even fix-a-flat – sold for tire repairs. It’s a far cry from the celebrity sex-appeal so many hope for.

Gabi Castillo tells INSIDE EDITION why she wanted the procedure so badly.    

CASTILLO: “My biggest dream was to dance salsa with the body of Jennifer Lopez.”

She paid $6,000 to get a more voluptuous backside. Months afterwards, a red spot the size of a nickel appeared on her backside. The miniscule red spot quickly grew into a life-threatening infection that was eating away at her skin and muscle. She says she had to undergo 28 surgeries—which removed the infection—and most of her behind.

CASTILLO: “I remember the horror of not knowing if I was going to live.”

INSIDE EDITION even found that you can enhance your buttocks yourself, by ordering a do-it yourself kit online. INSIDE EDITION ordered one of these kits that came complete with band-aids, rubber gloves and 30 giant syringes filled with what the company said was a substance known as medical grade silicone oil. When we sent the substance off to a lab, the results were shocking. According to the lab, those 30 syringes were far from sterile—and they were filled with a type of adhesive used in things like toothpaste and detergent.

The world of back-room butt injections is much more dangerous and shocking than some hopeful woman suspect.  In the report, the I-Squad’s Lisa Guerrero confronts one of the many “injectors” she found across the country who promise to give women beautiful behinds—but has no medical background and places women in danger.

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