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To be broadcast nationally Tuesday, Mar. 27 and in NY Wednesday, Mar. 28 on Fox 5

“She does not consider me a father until it’s time to collect the check.” – Peter Cook

New York, NY – Mar. 27th – Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook speaks exclusively with INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd about the nasty public battle ensuing between the two on national television. Cook, a Long Island architect, feels Brinkley has filed a lawsuit against him to receive publicity for her upcoming Broadway stint in the musical, Chicago.

BOYD: “Do you believe the only reason this lawsuit was brought against you was to drum up publicity for this Broadway show she’s taking on the road.”

COOK: “One of us is making a return to Broadway and one of us has moved on with life. It’s not the same person and I’m not going on Broadway, so what other reason would there be to get publicity and attention. It does me no good. It certainly does my children no good.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd confronts Cook about the court files alleging he owes child support for their two children Jack, 16, and Sailor, 13.

BOYD: “Your ex-wife says you owe her money. She says you’re a dead beat dad.”

COOK: “That’s a terribly untrue thing to say…I can tell you I am paid 100% on any money I owed her per our agreement. I have historically paid it not only in full, but in advance. I am 100% current.”

BOYD: “You sound like you’re ready for a new court battle.”

COOK: “I think it’s the only option I have now. I pay my child support. I have an excellent history of payment. I’m not a dead beat dad. Being accused of such is very hurtful to me and my children…she does not consider me a father until it’s time to collect the check.”

BOYD: “Why is she taking you back to court?”

COOK: “Publicity, harassment, revenge.”  

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