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 – To be broadcast nationally on Monday, May 7th and in NYC on Tuesday, May 8th on Fox 5 at Noon –

New York, NY – May 7th – Charles Manson, one of America’s most infamous convicted criminals, may have a son the world has never known about. INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret sits down with Matthew Roberts, 44, who claims to be the notorious killer’s secret son.

Roberts, a musician and deejay from Los Angeles, says his birth mother told him he was conceived when she had sex with Manson during a drug fueled orgy with hippies in San Francisco, CA. This, and the fact that he thinks he looks just like Manson, are two of the compelling reasons he believes he’s the son of the notorious cult leader.     

MORET: “Does this idea that Charles Manson is your father haunt you?”

ROBERTS: “Not as much as not knowing because the last thing I want to do is think this guy is my father if he is not.”

Roberts contacted Manson in prison—who sent him a contaminated DNA sample—making a positive ID impossible for now.

In one letter exchanged between the two, Manson wrote, “it’s not that I didn’t care, it was free love, and you paid the price I did.” The letter was sealed with a Swastika sign.

ROBERTS: “If it’s not true than me and G-d are going to have some words when I pass to the other side ‘cause it seems like a big practical joke of some sort.”

Manson is currently serving a life sentence at California’s tough Corcoran State Prison. He is not eligible for parole for another 15 years, when he will be 92 years old.

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