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 – Awards to be presented July 24 in Washington, DC –  


New York, New York – July 5 –   INSIDE EDITION is among this year’s honorees at the 2012 National Press Club Journalism Contest, the National Press Club announced this week.  INSIDE EDITION will receive two honorable mentions for its investigative work in two separate categories.

In the “Consumer Journalism Broadcast” Category, INSIDE EDITION wins an honorable mention for debunking the benefits of power wristbands.  Here’s what the judges said in announcing the award:


"Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero debunked the benefits of power wristbands by interviewing a neurologist, who said the product was just ``commercial hype.'' The story also punctured the premise in the commercials of one company, revealing tricks based on physics that create the illusion the wristbands work. After the story was broadcast in April, the biggest sell, Power Balance Corp., filed for bankruptcy and authorities in Australia declared the product a fraud."


In the “Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting” category, INSIDE EDITION wins an honorable mention for its series of reports on animal abuse, including investigations on animal hoarding and the exotic animal trade.  Here’s what the judges said in announcing the award: 


"Inside Edition took a look at two serious threats facing animals: the all-too common phenomenon known as hoarding and unscrupulous dealers who trade in exotic animals.  Correspondent Lisa Guerrero followed the Philadelphia SPCA as they dealt with one of the most tragic cases of animal hoarding they have encountered, involving a van full of cats in horrific condition. By documenting this case, Inside Edition showed the public the grave dangers posed by well-meaning but misguided hoarders. Inside Edition went undercover in two other reports to expose how lax laws governing the private ownership of exotic animals has led to an abundance of tigers kept as pets in backyards and how tiger cubs suffer from neglect and abuse while on public display at shopping malls across the country.  The report helped prompt the state of Ohio to re-examine and tighten laws governing the private ownership of tigers and other exotic animals."


The winners will be honored at an awards dinner Tuesday, July 24 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


The producer on “Power Wristbands” was Larry Posner. The associate producer was Scott Phillips. And, the producers on the investigative series involving animal abuse were: Larry Posner and Charles McLravy.  Kelly Rice and Joe Enoch were the associate producers.  Bob Read is the Senior Producer of the Investigative Unit.  Lisa Guerrero is the Chief Correspondent


Irene Rogers