Inside Edition


On September 12, 2016, CBS Television Distribution's INSIDE EDITION begins its 29th season as television's longest-running, top-rated and most-honored syndicated newsmagazine, building upon a successful season in which the show made headlines, received industry accolades and, once again, ranked in the top 10 first-run syndicated programs, a distinction it's held for the past 27 years.

Anchored by veteran newswoman Deborah Norville since 1995, and backed by a dedicated staff of correspondents and producers, the daily newsmagazine has built its enduring success by presenting a compelling mix of hard-hitting investigations, exclusive newsmaker interviews and incisive human-interest stories, as well as celebrity and pop culture features.

Norville is a two-time Emmy Award winner actively involved in all aspects of the broadcast. Working with her is an experienced team of broadcast journalists, overseen by Executive Producer Charles Lachman, with Co-Executive Producer Esther Pessin, Senior Producer Brian Hendel, and Senior Investigative Producer and Managing Editor Bob Read.


Norville has reported from Boston in the wake of the Marathon bombing in 2013. She took the program to Newtown, Conn, in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and reported from the 2012 Democratic National Convention where she interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama.

One of INSIDE EDITION’s best-known elements is its award-winning Investigative Unit, headed by Senior Investigative Producer Bob Read. Their work combines extensive research and surveillance, as well as hard-hitting interviews. INSIDE EDITION won Clarion Awards in 2015 for its report on “Cat Calls” and in 2014 for its report on “Justice for Baby Alissa,” the program’s investigation of the brutal death of a toddler which prompted authorities to re-examine the case and make an arrest.

INSIDE EDITION won the2012 National Headline Award, for its report on “Power Bracelets.” The National Press Club Awards honored INSIDE EDITION’s investigative reports with two honorable mentions in 2012, the “Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting” category, for its series of reports on animal abuse, and in the “Consumer Journalism Broadcast” category for its investigation on “Power Gizmos.” The newsmagazine was nominated for a Genesis Award in 2013 for its “Cockfighting Investigation.” It also received nominations for the 2012 Exceptional Merit in Media Awards (EMMA), by the National Women’s Political Caucus, for its reports on “Banker’s Life Insurance” and “Peepers.”

INSIDE EDITION's Chief Correspondent Jim Moret is in constant demand for his legal and reporting expertise. He appeared on various broadcast news outlets numerous times during and after the George Zimmerman verdict.

In addition to Moret, other members of the
INSIDE EDITION team include correspondents Diane McInerney, Les Trent, Megan Alexander, Lisa Guerrero, Victoria Recano, Steven Fabian, and Ann Mercogliano. McInerney is also the anchor of INSIDE EDITION WEEKEND. Guerrero is Chief Investigative Correspondent. 

The work of the
INSIDE EDITION team has resulted in numerous awards for journalistic excellence unmatched by any other syndicated newsmagazine program. The awards include The George Polk, Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi, National Press Club, National Headliner, Investigative Reporters and Editors, Deadline Club, Exceptional Merits in Media Awards, Overseas Press Club, National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators, Fund for Animals, American Women in Radio and Television and National Women's Political Caucus. For its riveting coverage of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, INSIDE EDITION was honored with a National Press Club Award, National Headliner Award, Deadline Club Award and Clarion Award, and was nominated for a National News Emmy for its coverage of the 9/11 attacks.

In October 2013, INSIDE EDITION published its first-ever book written by Norville and producer Charlie Carillo, titled “The Way We Are: Heroes, Scoundrels, and Oddballs from 25 Years of INSIDE EDITION,” commemorating the show’s 25 years.

INSIDE EDITION premiered on Jan. 9, 1989, when the syndicated newsmagazine genre was at its peak. It holds the distinction of being the only series among that original group that has remained on the air continually since then, and, as its ratings have proven, it continues to thrive. 

Norville joined INSIDE EDITION in 1995 from CBS News, where she anchored “America Tonight” and reported for “48 Hours,” “Street Stories” and “CBS Evening News.” Prior to working at CBS, she hosted the nationally syndicated “Deborah Norville Radio Show,” which was heard on more than 200 stations via the ABC Radio network. At NBC, she served as news anchor and, later, as co-host of NBC'S “Today,” following her tenure as anchor of “NBC News At Sunrise.” She briefly returned to NBC News to anchor the primetime “Deborah Norville Tonight” on MSNBC, while simultaneously anchoring INSIDE EDITON.

INSIDE EDITION is produced daily by INSIDE EDITION Inc. and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.